Artist as Brand Workshop

What's your core value?

This last week, as prelude to the Spectrum Fantastic Art Show Live in Kansas City, I took a workshop with one of my illustration heroes, Greg Spalenka. The workshop was about Artist as Brand. Greg was great and has done a lot of work creating an approach for the artist as entrepreneur. One of the things we did was work on a core value as a starting point to focus our work. The workshop folks are excellent artists and it's a real lift for me to watch my workshop buddies and hear the core values they chose.
Here's the video. (sorry for the nasty iphone sound)
Be sure to check out the great work these artists do.
Paul M.

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Tyler Davis -
Tara Chang -
David A. Frizell -
John Wagenman -
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Former WORLD PORT Bandmate Paints the Town in San Francisco

Around the age of three or four, ARi started planning for his group,
Alien-Box-Man, by doing drawings he would later use to help make
his mark in San Francisco.
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