Circles WORLD PORT Art Project

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We're asking for photos you take of circles for a collective art project. The more photos and the more folks that participate the better. We started it out with the WORLD PORT globe. Let's see how far we can travel together with these circles.

It's pretty straightforward to help out and see what happens. Upload or email me photos you take of circle shapes and I'll add them to our slideshow and make some kind of print version of the project. You will receive credit for your image and I promise not to use it for commercial purposes or anything other than the Circles art project.

Some info to help make the project go smoothly:
1) PHOTO ORIENTATION - horizontal
FILE NAME - please name your files:
         example: circles-janedoe-51-tajmahal
3) PERMISSION FORM - I won't use your image without your permission, so please fill out the age-appropriate permission form below.

Thanks, and hope you decide to participate-
Paul M.

Circles Permission Form 1 (
Over 18 years of age)

Circles Permission Form 2  (Under 18 years of age)


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